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Over the course of last summer, in a partnership with local small press print masters Pink Eye Print Company, I created my first art book "Birds Of Newfoundland". I think it's my most accessible and potentially successful work yet. The book is basically a collection of phantasmagorical illustrations of common birds of Newfoundland and Labrador with captions that start with an actual fact about them but then quickly become something else entirely. I am so proud of how well the final product came out. The cover is a TEN layer silkscreen on black Canson cotton paper with masterfully hand sewn and and bound interiors. It is such a beautiful thing to have in your hands. Jon and the folks at Pink Eye did a fantastic job in the production of this book, and my experience at the Pink Eye Print Christmas Expo was fantastic. To sell out all the available copies within three hours and sell more than half the run of the first edition throughout the rest of the day was an awesome life affirming experience. I think I made a properly nice gift for anyone in your life who likes birds, or Newfoundland, or psychedelia, so check it out and buy yourself a copy.

New Sad Tax!

Well the RPM Challenge came and went again and left me with this thing. The latest Sad Tax experience. It's the most aggressive album I've made to date I think. It's plenty weird. I was all about my new midi controller and my new ebow toys this year. That ebow makes it's way onto almost every track. My personal favourite is "You were high I was screaming". I'm gonna try making a video to that one when I got the time. Anyway, try not to get discouraged by the opening track, I like to put the challenging one up first to weed out any "casual" listeners, only serious listeners wanted!

Reindeer Bones!

This years Christmas video is here! Made the music yesterday made the video today, kinda cheated this year and mostly just stole clips from youtube of children having hissy fits. This annual last minute Christmas video tradition I started was originally an attempt to get some viral exposure happening for me but now I've clearly abandoned that motivation altogether.

New Video!

Just finished my video for local electronic music pioneer Header's song "My Computer" . It's got worms, it's got crazy surreal caves, it's got seizure inducing stroboscopic lighting effects., it's got it all! Share it with all your friends on the facetweets and the Instatubes.