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Some videos I've made. Some for other people. Some for myself. Some for no one in particular. Check out all my videos on my Youtube and Vimeo pages


Lo Siento - No Tengo Remedio

Sad Tax - These opinions make me unique

No Culture - Please Stop Coughing

Jake Nicoll - My Friends

Sad Tax - One Bitter Tablet

Sad Tax - The Sun Is A Horrible Thing

Header - My Computer

The Burning Hell - Sentimentalists

People on Pause - Rosebush

Surgeon - Sanaac

SUPERGOD! - Excerpt 1 (HAG)

A Cage Match With Benefits (AKA SUPERGOD! the movie)

My movie! Buy the dvd and soundtrack from here:

Patrick Canning & The Suffering Mothers - Here Stands Your Lover

Patrick Canning & The Suffering Mothers - Hope is Fleeting